What Is Crown Lengthening and How Does It Work?
Crown lengthening is an oral surgery procedure that involves removing extra gum tissue and potentially bone around the upper teeth to give them a longer appearance. This is a common operation performed by dentists and periodontists. Crown lengthening can sculpt the gum line to create a more symmetrical smile if the gum line is uneven.

Crown lengthening can be done for a variety of dental reasons. Crown lengthening, for example, may be required to support the placement of a crown. A broken or damaged tooth may require a dental crown, often known as cap. Untreated cavities often grow too large to be repaired with a filling, necessitating the placement of a dental crown. Crowns can also be used to conceal crooked teeth.

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To further help establish if crown lengthening surgery is correct for you, your dentist will predetermine how much of the gums will need to be removed or reshaped to reach your desired results.

Getting Ready for Treatment

In most cases, this outpatient treatment can be finished in under an hour. X-rays will be taken prior to your procedure. Your medical history will be discussed with your dentist or surgeon, who will go over any current drugs you are taking as well as any other health concerns that could affect the surgery’s outcome. Before beginning therapy, your teeth, gums, and bone structure will be thoroughly examined. Get your treatment done at Dr. Jamal’s dental care.

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