One of the most uncommon types of lip irregularity is double lip. A malformation of the top or lower lip in which a fold of labial mucosa is visible at rest or when smiling is referred to as a double lip. The top lip is more usually afflicted than the lower lip, and both lips are only seldom impacted. Double lips are categorized by two masses of hyperplastic tissue on either side of the midline, which might be asymmetrical. Congenital or acquired double lips are also possible. Trauma or behaviors like licking lips between diastema or ill-fitting dentures can cause acquired deformity. The congenital double lip is thought to be present from birth and becomes more noticeable after teeth eruption.

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Dr. Jamal’s dental care. Both of us want our teeth to be perfectly white and straight. Crowns, veneers, and even White Composite fillings are examples.

The surgical treatment of double lips is done mostly for cosmetic reasons. When hyperplastic tissue interferes with speech and mastication, surgery may be required. Excess mucosa and submucosa are removed without affecting the underlying muscle layer in this procedure. The procedure can be performed under general or local anesthetic. We employed two elliptical incisions with center vertical Z platy due to the presence of central constriction. W platy, on the other hand, can produce similar outcomes. You can have your surgery done without any fear at Dr. Jamal’s Dental Care & get the best services at affordable price.

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