Tender Care for All Children
Children’s Dentistry at Dr. Jamal’s Dental Care is second to none, and we are proud to be here to assist you. The specialists we have on our teams, combined with the way we handle all patients, particularly the Tender Loving that is required to treat children’s teeth, make us proud to be here to assist you. Dr. Jamal’s Dental Care (Pedodontist — a specialist who treats children’s teeth) is on staff.

A good children’s dentist must demonstrate the care and attention required to comprehend this delicate age and help them overcome their worries of visiting a clinic and receiving treatment.

Our office’s objective is to create an environment in which your child or children can establish a positive attitude toward dentistry that will last a lifetime. These abilities will enable children to achieve and keep a healthy set of teeth. Our team puts in extra effort and time with each of our patients in order to reach this aim.

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The most frequently asked question by parents is, “Can you please help me?” What should I do if my child’s adult teeth are coming in behind his baby teeth?”

Children’s Extra Teeth – Shark Teeth

Answer: This is a very typical occurrence in children, and it’s usually caused by a lower primary (baby) tooth that doesn’t fall out as the permanent tooth emerges. When a youngster begins to wiggle his or her baby tooth, it will normally fall out on its own within two months. If it doesn’t, come in for a quick checkup and we’ll tell you whether it needs to be taken out or if you can wait a little longer. After that, the permanent tooth should move into its rightful position.

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