TOOTH GEM (DENTAL JEWELS) What are tooth jewels, exactly?

Tooth gems are little rhinestones or jewels adhered to teeth with a special glue. Tooth jewels are available at Dr. Jamal’s dental clinic that offers you the best services. Tooth gems normally live for around 6 months, but they can sometimes live for longer. The majority of people prefer to use them on their visible teeth to improve the appearance of their smiles. They are a fashionable trend that can easily be provided by an experienced dentist in your area. If you’re seeking for tooth jewels in your area, we recommend speaking with a dentist and Dr. Jamal is here to assist you.

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Will tooth jewels harm my teeth?

No. Custom-made teeth jewelry is intended exclusively for use in dentistry and will not harm your teeth if you visit a trustworthy dental clinic.

What makes tooth jewels stick to your teeth? Will any drilling be required?
Drilling isn’t required to apply tooth jewels, so don’t be concerned. The tooth jewels will be attached to your teeth with a unique glue, making them simple to apply and remove.

How long will I be able to retain my tooth gems?
Patients should generally update their temporary tooth jewels every six months, or biannually. At your regular dental visits, tooth jewels can be readily replaced, and you’ll have the option of choosing a new design.

Will tooth jewels have an impact on how I eat, drink, or communicate?
Your speech should not be affected by tooth jewels, and you should be able to communicate clearly with them. It depends on the jewelry you choose if it will interfere with eating or drinking.

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